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    75 gallons Jumbo barrel
    55 gallons large barrel
    Super Plastic Jumbo (3Ft-10 inches Tall, holds 77 gallons )

Caribbean Shipping Freight: shipping barrels boxes automobiles electronics

Domestic Transportation & Distribution Company. Family owned and operated since 2001. Our goal is to have every item packed, shipped and delivered with efficiency and care.


  • We can receive, store, consolidate and redistribute shipments for our clients.
  • We sell empty barrels / boxes / shipping supplies.
  • We provide packing & crating services (Re-packing, shrink-wrapping, banding, and crating services).
  • We offer pickup and delivery services.
  • We also handle the receiving and scheduling of customer pickup orders.
  • We can handle and load commercial cargo trucks and containers.
  • Trailer loads and less than Trailer load (on and off site).
  • We can store shipments for short periods.
  • We provide off site estimates to customers for our clients.
  • We offer shipping referrals through one of our client's US shipping network.
  • We offer Money Transfer Services.



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Your Easy Shipping to the Caribbean
Transportation & Distribution Company. Family owned and operated since --- .SERVICES WE OFFER - - We can receive, store, consolidate and redistribute shipments for our clients